Research continues to demonstrate how intestinal flora (bacteria and other microbes) play a major role in immune reactions and nutritional status and can also affect cholesterol metabolism and carcinogenesis. In an adult human we have between two and three pounds of these "helpful" bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract. Our bodies have a symbiotic relationship with these bacteria and other microbes.

A healthy balance of intestinal flora can be severely disturbed in cases of immunodeficiency, excessive exposure to broad-spectrum antibiotics, over consumption of foods such as milk and dairy products, refined sugars, alcohol as well as mold and yeast containing foods. An overgrowth of intestinal yeast such as Candida or other bacteria can produce bloating, mal-digestion, constipation, diarrhea and other uncomfortable symptoms. Restoring optimal digestion and the proper balance of intestinal flora is often overlooked conventionally, but at the Natural Health and Acupuncture Clinic it is an extremely important part of your treatment plan.

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