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Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Lai
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Sinclair

What can I expect on my first consultation?
Our initial evaluation lasts about one hour. We take the time to listen and complete a thorough history. Our focus is on finding the cause, educating our patients and providing a naturopathic treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Does insurance cover natural medicine and acupuncture?
Although we do not bill your insurance company directly, we provide all of our patients with detailed superbill that contains the appropriate diagnostic codes which you may submit to your provider.  Some plans cover acupuncture and preventative medicine. Flex plans and HSA’s are welcome and accepted.

How much does this cost?
The initial evaluation is $185 and return consults are $85. In addition to the initial fee there may be certain herbs or supplements recommended as a result of the consultation.

What if I have to reschedule?
We kindly ask that you give at least 24 hours notice to reschedule an appointment.

Before your first consultation,
please complete our new patient questionnaire below.

Our New Patient Comprehensive Health Assessment form is a thorough survey which allows our doctors to better understand a patient as a whole. By assessing a patient's past and current health status, our doctors can determine the best course of patient care.

Kindly print out, fill in the form and mail it back to us before your first appointment.

FEMALE. New Patient Information Form

MALE. New Patient Information Form

Dr. Lai and Dr. Sinclair

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Lai
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Sinclair

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