Over 25% of our children and teenagers are being medicated.

Among children 9 years old or younger, there are over 45 million prescriptions

for asthma medications, 7 million ADD/ADHD prescriptions, and over a million for

anti-depressants.  There were over 1.8 million prescriptions for anti-hypertension meds for kids

and even more disturbing is that nearly 7% of our children are receiving long-term treatment

with two or more drugs. Most, if not all of these drugs have been studied exclusively in adults.

Additionally, children may have difficulties describing side-effects or problems that they may

be experiencing as a result of the medications.

Our pediatric population is becoming increasingly sicker and sicker at younger ages.

Unless this trend reverses our unhealthy children will become even unhealthier adults.



Matthews AW. So young and so many pills. Wall Street Journal Dec.28th 2010





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