Do you know what you are eating?

Percentage of GMO crops in USA:

Soy 93%

Corn 86%

Cotton 93%

Canola 90%

Avoid the above foods unless they are labeled organic or non-GMO

Animal Studies:

Animals will avoid GM feed when given a choice

Chickens fed GM corn died at twice the rate of non-GM feed

In rats fed GM potatoes for as little as ten days developed

pre-cancerous lesions in their G.I. tract, had smaller brains, livers

and testicles, liver atrophy and immune system damage.

GMO Foods- Not only have higher levels of allergens but contain lower levels of protein, 

fatty acids, essential amino acids and phytoestrogens

Soon after GM soy was introduced in the UK  Soy allergies increased by 50%

Current challenges associated with GM foods:

No human clinical trials

No post-marketing surveillance

Approvals based on industry studies and untested assumptions

GM foods lead to higher pesticide residues that directly affect human health

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